yeezy shoes worth getting?

To be honest, it’s not bad…very suitable for most trendy people to wear. And not only good with, the focus is indeed very comfortable … many people scoff at this shoe … also a lot of people tend to rush … objective view is indeed not lost as a good pair of shoes!

Aesthetics, many times are subjective, you may think it looks good, I think it does not look good.

I think, this shoe looks quite ordinary.

However, many times the choices we make are not for the use value of the goods themselves.

For example, if I buy a CK shoulder bag, for me, this shoulder bag brings me more brand value than practical value. Therefore, I think many people buy this shoe not because of its appearance. The last word, no matter how good it looks, you like it is the most important, money is difficult to buy master like

Yeezy 700 introduction

Currently there are three versions of yeezy 700 shoes, that is, we often say the generation of two generations of three generations, each generation of words are very own characteristics, then in your eyes Yeezy 700 which version is the best? The most powerful sense of stepping on shit? Here’s a look at it.

which version is the best
The first generation is also the most classic, no matter which aspect of the word popularity is also the highest, but is not breathable, summer wearing is really hot ha.

The v2 is lighter and more breathable than the first generation as a whole, and feels slightly better on the feet, and is a little more sporty on the basis of the 700 casual shoes. The shoe body design v2 uses a larger area of mesh material, while replacing the suede material of the first generation. The yeezy 700 v2 is with 3m reflective effect while the v1 is not.


The Yeezy 700 V3 has a revolutionary change in appearance and technical content, and it is not even too much to consider it as a separate model. Specifically, unlike the materials used on the Yeezy Boost 700 such as leather and suede, the Yeezy 700 V3 upper has a monofilament engineered mesh fabric composed of monofilament mesh as the base of the silhouette, which is then reinforced with RPU overlays.


Each of the three versions has its own characteristics, you need to buy according to their own ha.

700v1, v2 and v3 which has a good footing
700V3 is also made of the same popcorn material as the 700V2, and the feel of the foot is pretty much the same. The midsole of the sneaker is one of the most important parts of the sneaker from the support, cushioning, rebound part of the material are concentrated in this part

The first generation, equipped with BOOST, but not as rich as the 350 BOOST, but the foot feeling is still more soft and sticky due to the BOOST bonus, quite excellent.

The size of the words are consistent, a small half size is basically the same ha, we buy according to their needs.



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