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aj3 story

For many shoe fans, AJ3 is a very classic boots, is the classic inheritance of Nike and the legendary innovation! It is also the first to cancel the jump man logo replaced by the “Nike” logo printed on the back of the shoe. What is the story behind the specific AJ3?


The birth of the aj3 is destined to be extraordinary. Before the release of the Jordan 3, the designer of the Jordan 1 and Jordan 2, Strasser, intended to leave Nike, and Nike’s vp at the time also intended to leave the Nike company. The two of them intended to open a new company called sports ink by themselves.

The company wanted to contract all of Jordan’s products, whether it was sneakers or clothing and its line of products, and Nike had its strongest rival ever, one of the reasons being that Jordan had great respect for Strasser. In such a context, the only thing Nike could do was to design an absolutely stunning sneaker, and yes it was the aj3!AJ3

Tinker Hatfield is Nike’s temporary contract aj3 designer, and from 3 to later 15 are designed by him. The biggest difference between Tinker Hatfield and his predecessor is that the first thing he did after becoming the chief designer was to invite Jordan to do a plan and try to find out what Jordan really wanted.AJ3

This was also the first time Jordan was involved in the production and design of aj. Jordan also felt from that time that the brand was really listening to his ideas and considering his feelings. In the end, as you know, mj chose Nike to continue to produce the Jordan collection for him.

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