Timberland, Timberland PRO, SmartWool, Timberland Boot Company and Howies are the world’s leading outdoor brands, established in 1918 in the United States. different outdoor environments.

This issue and you talk about the originator of the work boots brand – Timberland.


Founded in 1918 in the United States, Timberland is a leading global outdoor brand,  providing high-quality, detail-oriented craftsmanship to meet the needs of different outdoor environments.


At its inception 40 years ago, Timberland led a generation of work boots with two processes, including the first full-grain suede leather and a grippy toothed sole made of extra-thick rubber. The thick rubber sole is more wear-resistant and slip-resistant, and the suede yellow upper makes it very easy to identify outdoor workers when walking in the snow.


Timberland as the first of the work boots, in terms of shoe styles and other aspects are also constantly improving and upgrading, but the overall style or still continue the style of the classic yellow boots.


Now Timberland’s big yellow boots have become a trendy item, both daily and on the street, making the former outdoor workers’ “labor boots” a favorite of young people on the street.


Whether it is the star, or the street, almost all can not be missing Timberly’s “figure”


So why has Timberland become a crowd favorite?

1. Waterproof

It’s uppers are soaked in a special waterproof wax for a long time, absorbing 70% of it before silicifying the outer layer of cowhide. The one-piece shaped body and sole, even the stitching will be coated with waterproof glue for sealing treatment, so it can withstand the test of the outdoors.


2. Toughness

It’s TASLAN laces are one of the strongest laces on the market, and are made of four strings woven into each other, so they won’t break completely even if partially worn; the hexagonal brass eyelets also have rust and water resistance.


3. Wearable

It’s uppers are made of high-quality full-grain leather and brushed leather, the inner layer is made of calfskin, the inner sole double layer of pure cowhide, even the boot collar is also made of leather, the entire shoe material is very real.


4. Excellence

Timberland was one of the first brands to decorate logos on their shoe bodies. The big tree logo not only makes the rhubarb boots understated and extraordinary, but also becomes a sign of their excellent quality.

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