Alexander McQueen Review


Alexander McQueen Review

McQueen Real and fake identification and difference comparison method

First check the packaging details, then check the appearance of the shoe, check the sole texture details, heel details, tongue logo and inner code details, and finally check the insole and midsole details of the shoe, the fake will definitely reveal the horse’s feet.

Which tail is the most expensive

The most expensive is the rainbow tail, in fact, McQueen will successively launch a lot of different colors of the tail, in 2018 launched the blue and rainbow tail, the popularity is very high. But the most classic or black tail, pink tail, McQueen shoes can be worn by both men and women.


Which tail is the best looking

The best-looking should be the black tail, pink tail, but you can choose according to your preferences, the recently launched haze blue and rainbow tail are also very popular, and champagne gold tail is also very good. In fact, McQueen shoes also have velvet fabric, which is also very high. McQueen shoes can be worn all year round. They have now launched more than twenty, but the design is still the same classic. 2019 launched a new color, 3m reflective gray and white couple models.

McQueen shoes are very comfortable to wear, and wear immediately increase the height of 4 cm, and will not show feet as large as other shoes. McQueen shoes white thick-soled shoes easy to wear and versatile, wear the effect of immediate height increase, from 16 years black tail has been on fire, the sole becomes lighter and softer.

Here are some details of the part

1, from the packaging details to identify McQueen shoes true or false

(1) shoebox packaging and small tickets, the most easily imitated, but there are many low imitation can be seen only by the packaging true or false. Genuine McQueen shoes packaging includes shoe boxes, dust bags, etc.


(2) The side of the shoe box has a detailed and correctly described information label, authentic in addition to the font printing format is different, real and fake labels in the model color, size, serial number and other information labeling differences. The dust bag is clearly printed with the Alexander McQueen brand Logo logo.

2, from the appearance of shoes to identify McQueen shoes real or fake

Genuine McQueen shoes because of the heightened sole, the side looks slightly thicker compared to other shoes, but from every angle the arc is still smooth, while the side of the fake shoes will bulge.


3, from the tongue to identify McQueen shoes real or fake

(1) tongue curvature

Genuine tongue length is moderate, the top edge has a beautiful curvature.


(2) Logo on the tongue

Genuine McQueen shoes in the tongue and laces of the first frame just reveal Alexander Mcqueen’s hot stamping Logo. authentic LOGO for precision hot stamping, clear, smooth lettering. The imitation seems to be printed on, the wording is blurred, the edges are rough, and there are actually individual letters lose color.

3) Tongue buckle

Both sides of the tongue buckle with a double layer of alignment.


4) The tongue and toe joint

Genuine shoes tongue and toe articulation, the use of very uniform and fine double-layer alignment.


5) Inside of the tongue

The inside of the tongue is white sheepskin, and the edge is gray deerskin texture, soft and with the natural grain of the leather after the fold, uniform alignment, the edge width is consistent. The locking edge is flat. And fake goods are generally solid color inside, does not look like leather, no texture, the edge is not flat, the distance between the sewing line and the edge also varies in width.


(6) tongue serial number (inner code details)

McQueen shoes tongue inside the serial number is a key point to identify the authenticity of the genuine serial number is 6 digital serial number + shoe size, pay attention to the six serial number should be consistent with the serial number on the shoe box label. The format of the numbers should be noted, for example, the top of the number 3 is flat, the upper right corner of the 4 is open, the 0 is long and skinny, the head of the 6 is straight, and the tail of the 9 is straight. If the font format is not correct, it is a fake.


4, from the shoe midsole heel details to identify McQueen shoes real or fake

Genuine McQueen shoes after the insole is uncovered, the midsole has ELGAD and yardage, surrounded by scattered nail marks, pay attention to the font format of the genuine seal, more contrast to distinguish; while the midsole of fake shoes is simply glue and insole stand together.

5, from the heel details to identify McQueen shoes real or fake

(1) real and fake comparison chart, the genuine McQueen shoes back top Logo color dark, matte effect and will not easily fall off; while the fake shoes logo color is obviously too bright, printed words easy to lose color, some font format is also wrong, and should be consistent with the insole and tongue external, especially to pay attention to the Q and internal C details.

(2) genuine heel solid type good, wear a long time will not change shape; and imitation shoes heel is directly collapsed, wearing uncomfortable.

(2) also pay attention to the arrow, fake shoes because of the poor texture of the leather, cut surface rough and sewn together will buckle, and genuine shoes here fit better.

6, from the sole to identify McQueen shoes real or fake

Genuine McQueen shoes sole texture depressions reflective not obvious, slight frosted texture, the font is fine, pay attention to the font case; while the imitation of the sole with a relatively poor quality of rubber, texture depressions reflective obvious, belonging to the glossy texture.

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