Identification yeezy 350

Product Name: yeezy 350

Product Description: The most comprehensive yeezy350 true and false identification

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The most comprehensive yeezy350 true and false identification

How to identification yeezy 350


Although yeezy series repeatedly increase the new color and constantly increase the amount of shipments, a variety of yeezy shoes imitation chaos is still prohibited. Especially this pair of yeezy350. The rate of imitation on the market has been so high that it can be said to be a “disaster area” of Fake proliferation. Many friends have unknowingly purchased imitations ….

Today to teach you a few tricks about yeezy 350 real identification method:

1, yeezy 350 Asian limited overall color is presented as mint green, and the sole is slightly yellowish, and the side of the shoe is slightly cyan spray paint embellished and can be seen at a glance Boost outsole.

A frontal comparison shows that the genuine heel is spacious and flat, while the Fake heel is uneven and not flat enough. In addition, the genuine 3M reflective detail here is basically very spacious while the imitation is very tucked in, the difference is obvious.

2, look at the toe:

authentic Asia limited toe flat, lightly press the upper will quickly restore flat. The toe of the imitation will be more warped, not only far from the ground and can not quickly recover when pressed.

3, look at the opening: the genuine opening upper part is small, the middle is large, and the size of the lower part is between the two. The opening of the imitation shoes is not a uniform pattern, some are as large as the upper and lower, as if the loofah.

4, genuine yeezy 350 BOOST not only large particles, feel oily, and even after wearing for a long time is still excellent elasticity. On the contrary, imitation shoes not only small particles, press down weak, time will also slowly lose elasticity.

5, usually the genuine yeezy shoes use thicker stitching and very regular direction, while Fake’s thread is smaller and arranged in a haphazard manner. In addition, the authentic alignment has fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, while the imitation is completely absent.

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