Yeezy slippers dupe review
yeezy slippers

Product Name: Yeezy slippers dupe

Product Description: We are professinal supplier. Top Quality and we can Delivery your shoes quickly and safety.

Brand: adidas/yeezy

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We are professinal supplier. Top Quality and we can Delivery your shoes quickly and safety.

Yeezy Slippers REVIEW

Yeezy’s slippers are all earthy colors, presented in green, bone white and brown respectively. While continuing Kanye’s consistent aesthetic, the simple design style and the choice of different shades also provide more possibilities for wearing.


The overall shape is round and heavy, and the wide open-toe upper structure is also extremely versatile. At first glance, it can give people a very comfortable visual effect.

The whole pair of YEEZY slipper is made of EVA material, and there is no other material filling, so you can wear it in the bath!


Only YEEZY, size information and MADE IN CHINA words are embellished on the inner side of the shoe, and an iconic adidas three-line logo on the heel completes the detailed description of the entire pair of shoes.

At the same time, the inner lining adopts a design that fits the arch of the foot. No matter whether you wear socks or not, you can have a good sense of support after getting on the foot, and it will not slip off easily.


The texture of the outer sole is presented in a zigzag shape, which not only brings a full outdoor style to the visual effect, but also makes the soles of the entire pair of shoes more durable.

The zigzag-shaped outsole has a high degree of recognition, and the upper foot in summer is definitely an eye-catching tool!


It took me about 40 days to receive the YEEZY slipper. The shoe box is somewhat damaged, but this is a common problem in long-distance transportation. There is no problem with the shoes themselves, and the feet feel very good. The size is the same as the real yezzy slippers, but a little too small. It is more comfortable to buy one or two size larger. But there will be a certain smell of plastic.


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