Product Name: Air Jordan 1

Product Description: How can your youth be less than a touch of blue! AJ1 North Carolina blue strongest flat replacement -- AJ1 Obsidian

Brand: Air Jordan

Offer price: $63.48

Currency: USD



How can your youth be less than a touch of blue!

AJ1 North Carolina blue strongest flat replacement — AJ1 Obsidian

How can your youth be less than a touch of blue!

AJ1 Obidian review

AJ1 North Carolina Blue strongest flat replacement — AJ1 Obsidian

With its Jordan 1 UNC blue patent leather, Jordan 1 big lightning is very similar, both in terms of value and alternative are among the best.

Obsidian: Originally a common ore from the Americas, it is not rare. It has only been discovered by jewelry designers in the last decade. This special shade of blue in black has become the first choice of many fashion moguls to match their jewelry.

This time, inspired by the jewel tone, the combination of “black blue + sky blue” in the shoe design constitutes the obsidian color scheme.
The Black Obsidian uses the OG style leather scheme, which is not bad.

In terms of the color scheme, it is a departure from the usual black, white and red colors of the AJ1, with different shades of blue as the main color, a dark toe combined with a sky blue upper, plus a white upper and midsole, both the Black Toe look and feel without falling into the cliché, bringing a new visual experience.

In general, these shoes look clean and calm, extra durable and easy to wear with.
Back to the topic, this issue we focus on it for real and fake identification comparison, of course, if you do not care about these small details, not a Sneaker head, just like the color and do not think it is worth so much money, I am and its recommended that you buy, this article is just to let you know in advance to the subtle differences between real and fake.

First, let’s look at the appearance comparison

Real’s hooks will be a little more refined than Fake’s.

Real alignment part is also more clear than Fake.

Careful friends can also pay attention to the white folding line in the hook part, Real’s shoe turning point will be above the hook, while Fake is just at the hook to make a turn.

This point can be used as an aid in judgment.
Second, look at the upper part of the picture below

Circle out the parts of the alignment Real interval is very even, while Fake is very dense.

In fact, this alignment judgment method can be judged by many kinds of shoes.
Third, continue to look at the tongue embroidery part of the comparison

The Real color is darker than the Fake, and the embroidery is more dense and clearer than the Fake.

The Real embroidery is very fine and flat, while the Fake embroidery is not up to the standard of the Real embroidery due to the embroidery machine.
Four, the sole edge alignment comparison

The Real’s alignment is clearer than the Fake’s, and the interval between the lines is shorter than the Fake’s.

The color of the line, Real will be more yellow than Fake.

If you turn your eyes to the end of the hook, you will find that the Real’s hook is much thinner than the Fake’s. There is an excessive thinning effect.
Five, heel comparison

Real’s Obsidian North Carolina blue heel open very large, while Fake’s angle is smaller, but the heel view is not accurate, after all, many through the AJ1 heel is also very loose, we refer to the next good.


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