AJ1 color scheme of the list

Product Name: Air Jordan 1

Product Description: AJ1 color scheme of the list

Brand: Air Jordan

Offer price: $73.06

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AJ1 color scheme of the list

AJ1 color scheme of the list

TOP9:AJ1 Royal Blue
The shoe features a dark blue upper with a sail white Swoosh as a tribute to Jesus Shuttlesworth’s Lincoln High School, which appears in He Got A Game.

The understated color has a mysterious royal vibe. On the sports field or in public, a pair of Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue will show off your low-key temperament.


TOP8: AJ1 Little Lightning
This “Game Royal” uses the most classic 9-hole shoe model, with blue, white and black colors to build its body. It is known as “civilian little lightning”, and lightning co-branded fragment design x Air Jordan 1 difference is really not big, whether to take custom or single wear is a good choice.

TOP7: AJ1 Los Angeles All-Star
Still using the classic OG 9 hole shoe as a blueprint for design, the color scheme uses the versatile black and white collision color as the main tone, supplemented by gorgeous gold dressing embellished details. The upper is injected with a large area of lychee leather material to enhance the texture, the biggest highlight is the insole printed with a map of Los Angeles, with translucent crystal outsole finish, the temperament is extraordinarily outstanding!


TOP6:AJ1 Shadow
The “Shadow” colorway as the first year OG colorway is not as hot as the other OG, in just the replica AJ1 “Shadow” when this pair of sneakers also once below the original price, but in these weeks with the “new rap “In the star’s feet, so that this pair of originally about 1000 “shadow” suddenly soared all the way up. Such a serious phenomenon of following the wind can not help but make us feel sorry for the just stable AJ market.


TOP5: AJ1 black and blue weave
The Air Jordan 1 OG Flyknit is an unprecedented upgrade of the upper material! The original leather material was replaced with a Flyknit woven material, bringing a texture that is completely different from the canvas version of the KO shoe. The perfect reproduction of the black and blue dress fashionable temperament, fine woven texture, coupled with leather detailing, compared to the classic black and red, Royal black and blue in wear will be more colorful!


TOP4:AJ1 Little Chicago
The red and white match will never go out of fashion, this pair of 8-hole AJ1 can be ranked in the fourth place position and its color scheme inseparable. The overall red body with white toe and Nike Logo embellishments, which also reminds people of the almost perfect pair of “Chicago” colorway. The black lining and tongue also reassures people of its durability, and compared to the price of other AJ1s, this pair of “Little Chicago” is definitely an economical and cost-effective first choice.

TOP3:AJ1 small black blue

“Little Black Blue” has such a high ranking that even I was surprised, Jordan Brand highlights the new color scheme presented in obsidian plus royal blue, and even more with the combination of high quality cowpatrick leather and soft lychee leather.

The most important thing is that Air Jordan 1 Mid market price is very rational, definitely a good alternative choice.


TOP2: AJ1 North Carolina Blue
It is still the same deconstructivist design of Off-White x Air Jordan 1, but this time the “Dark Powder Blue” is decorated with a very refreshing North Carolina blue hue, which is different from the previous “Chicago” and the simple and stylish “Chicago”. ” and the simple and fashionable “White” two colors present another style.


TOP1 AJ1 black and red toe
Black Red Toe fusion of Bred and Black Toe two super popular classic dress, inadvertently also reveal the temperament of Chicago, buy this pair of money I’m afraid it is worth it!

In the crazy restock and batch release conditions, “Black Red Toe” can successfully top the throne, the perfect color scheme and successful marketing is indispensable.


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