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AJ 5

Product Name: AJ 5

Product Description: OW-AJ1 "Black Cicada Wings" is another Virgil Abloh sneaker that was changed to burst, from February 2020 to appear still exceptionally hot 🔥, and other AJ5 shoes compared to this pair of "Black Cicada Wings" excellent breathability more suitable for summer 🌞 Wear with.

Brand: Air Jordan

Offer price: $80

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OW-AJ1 “Black Cicada Wings” is another Virgil Abloh sneaker that was changed to burst, from February 2020 to appear still exceptionally hot 🔥, and other AJ5 shoes compared to this pair of “Black Cicada Wings” excellent breathability more suitable for summer 🌞 Wear with.

AJ 5 x Off-White Review

Preface: the official main focus of this aj 5 is light, the entire body of the shoe with a lot of mesh material. But the entire appearance of the shoe must be upright, which is related to the materials used.

AJ 5

Let’s talk about why fk made out of cicada wings and genuine products have color differences, mesh materials are imported from South Korea, there is no problem, why will there be a little color difference after making it.

Although the net material and the genuine product is the same, but the inner reinforcement may have some color difference, because the net is transparent, it is easy to put the inner color through out.

Another point is the process of the problem, as far as I know, the authentic shoes, in addition to the toe there is considered to be glued together, the other places are not. (Hot melt glue we also count glue) purely hand-fitted car line. And mesh is not like cloth, easy to fix, very difficult, so this is why we see a lot of genuine products, the body of the shoe will be more or less the reason for the crease.

So the genuine upper lamination is a great test of the workers’ skills. But I know a lot of fk factory, are first brush a layer of glue, and then mesh and then lining lamination, in this case, the workers operation is much simpler, both when the upper lamination or car line. And also not let the shoes appear serious creases. (If the fk factory does not do this, the workers will not be able to reach the level of authentic workers, according to the authentic process, the shoes will certainly have a lot of wrinkles, and the speed will be very slow)

The color difference of the inner reinforcement plus an extra layer of glue, which can explain why, the mesh and the genuine product is the same, but the shoes are made out and the genuine product has a color difference.

Next we will analyze the shoe one by one, starting with the toe.

AJ 5 AJ 5

Different from the previous AJ 5 colorways, because the body material is cicada wing, very thin and soft, the toe to stand up, you must add a piece of Hong Kong treasure. Shaping time to heat, hot melt glue softened, and then shaped. This is why I said earlier that the toe of the shoe is considered glue fit, we look at the second picture, that is, the back, these you look at the white is the glue film, heated and melted in the above. So we look at the cicada wing shoes toe wrapped edge of this piece of very little wrinkles, that is the reason.

And look behind

AJ 5

The back of this piece we peeled out four parts, I explain to you one by one.

The first part, is also the most inside, we can also see that the white is the ass here Hong Kong treasure, because has been hot melt laminated to the lining of the cloth, can not tear off.

The second part is Lixin cloth. (and canvas as divided into grades, later said)

The third part of the mesh yarn plus patch wall, embroidery part.

The fourth part is simply a layer of mesh.

Many people may not understand why the genuine product so many layers ah. One is to highlight the main theme of this shoe, “cicada wings”, which is the role of 3 and 4 now. The second is that this is a shoe, he will eventually have to walk on the ground, so the heel must be stable, thick, hard, to prevent the daily use of wrinkles collapse deformation. Therefore the butt and toe of this shoe should use more material than the other parts.


Then look at the body of the shoe

20221214112841 20221214112853

The body of the shoe in addition to the exterior of the mesh, the inside is also very important.

The material below the mesh is called canvas (generalized so a call), as to why the genuine product with this material, I think one is environmentally friendly. But not stinky feet it. Canvas grade, like that poor slices, very low, but very good to do, but very easy to stink feet, some fk factory with is slices. Generally divided into 6 amps, 8 amps, 10 amps and so on, the higher the number of amps, the stronger the sense of grain. According to the process level to divide words, the worst is the wash canvas, can only do shoes to fill the wall, and then the half process, can do to fill the strength can also do the face, the highest level is the full process, are generally used to do the face, like Converse’s upper is (wash process 3.5 level, dye process 4 level) so good things where the general factory to be used as a patch wall ah.

Like the authentic lining of this is 12 safety process canvas. The material used can be said to be very good.

Basically, most of the shoes are lined with this.


Then look at the 3m reflective


We all know that generally this 3m reflective material is Korean, at least many of the text is so written. Generally can be judged from the reflective effect, the general original kind are coefficient 800 or more, reflective effect is very strong. General fk factory is a lot of 300 or 500, the reflective effect is not the same.


Plus the sole


In fact, the sole of the original color established also after several revisions of the final confirmation is yellow, the beginning is white, then blue, if you have bought other colorways aj 5 friends should know that the white bottom blue bottom is easy to oxidation, but yellow words can avoid this situation, although also oxidation, but resistant to put ah, and even if time is long or wear the use of oxidation, the color is not much worse.


And then look at some other things

20221214113627 20221214113636 20221214113649 20221214113659

This I will mention in passing, Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 4, I arrow pointing to these materials is kpu, soft moderate, so used on both sides and tongue, to prevent clucking feet. Figure four of this piece with tpu, harder than kpu, because used in the lace perforation there, will not hurt the foot, and there must be some hard, to prevent deformation.


Finally look at some car line


This aj 5 all car line splicing place, the outside of the car line will stay out of some mesh, one is the role of aesthetics, appear less abrupt, the second is the practicality, to prevent pulling silk. I can see that my pair of genuine car line outside the mesh yarn have been pulled very serious.


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