Air Jordan 4 Whiter sail Review


AJ4 as the most classic AJ positive generation, both the sneakers love, but also the tide people wear must. This issue I will talk to you about this AJ4 in the special section.

Off-White Air Jordan 4 Review

Off-White x Air Jordan 4 White Sail colorway should be the most popular aj4 with the highest value ((at least it is also one of the two), but it seems that as long as the ow co-branded models are very high in popularity.

Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4

The overall beige solid color design of the shoe, the light color system is super high value and super good to do with, excluding the original laces also comes with three additional laces, you can see that it is still a very thoughtful design; the overall use of cow leather, fabric and rubber material, touching the texture is excellent, the leather gives a warm feeling, the toe has ow’s usual plastic mesh, the tongue of the Flyers logo is also covered by plastic mesh, looks like a sense of seniority. The inner side of the shoe has ow’s signature design language (only blocked by aj4 mesh for a large part), comes with a flyer tag, exclusive security buckle is also integrated with the body of the shoe beige, air cushion above the “AIR” let people immediately recognize is ow co-branded models.

Air Jordan 4 Air Jordan 4 Air Jordan 4 Air Jordan 4

Exterior details.
The toe is flatter, the toe has a downward concave curvature, the overall curvature is smooth and natural, the curvature is small, the heel curvature is full and round, the lowermost direction is inward, the closure is obvious.

Midsole details.
The midsole grain is glossy and slightly reflective, the midsole grain is clear, the positioning hole is positioned downward, the drawstring is denser and the length is shorter and more uniform.

Internal details.
Insole is dark blue foam material, glue pattern is obvious.

If you just want to wear this Air Jordan 4 x Offwhite instead of collecting it, but are discouraged by its price, then I highly recommend you go to the link I provided and purchase a pair of fake, which will not hurt when you go out, is an acceptable price, and has good quality.

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