The five pairs of Air Jordan 1 REVIEW
Air Jordan 1

Product Name: Air Jordan 1

Product Description: Air Jodan 1 These five colorways are considered classic colorways, each pair is worth getting to collect...

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Air Jodan 1 These five colorways are considered classic colorways, each pair is worth getting to collect…

The five pairs of Air Jordan 1

If you ask a sneaker player’s favorite shoe, then most players will answer in unison “Air Jodan 1” AJ1 can be said to be a pair of legendary sneakers under Nike, in 1985 when the AJ1 was introduced, its design and color scheme stunned everyone that year. Until now it is still active in major fashion circles.


So today I’ll talk to you about the five most handsome pairs of Air Jodan 1

Air Jordan 1 Retro OG Banned

The first pair must be introduced to the most classic “Bred” black and red color scheme! Its status is unshakable! This 1985 Bulls Black and Red Air Jordan 1 “Bred” is back in the name of Banned. In addition to the details of the OG model, the new lychee leather brings a new and gorgeous feeling to the Bred classic for the first time!


Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe

The new aj1 black and red toe in popularity is 2018 has been exposed to the Air Jordan 1 in popularity is the highest, the market situation from the beginning of the downturn to now take off, so like to take advantage of it.

In the selection of materials, the new aj1 black and red toe is no longer mainly lychee leather, but mainly shake grain leather and first layer of leather. The texture will be much richer compared to lychee leather.

Nike is using R8 grain leather.

Pure black and red toe raw material is the same type of R8 grain leather, not only to maintain consistency in appearance, in the texture is also the same.


Air Jordan 1 Chicago

Do we need to say more about this pair? The white, black and red dress Chicago Bulls color scheme is already glamorous!

The use of high-quality leather, original details of the dress will be 100% perfect reproduction of the image of the first year.


Air Jordan 1 “Gold Toe”

The overall color scheme is very similar to the previously released black and gold mandarin ducks AJ1 TOP 3, using black, white and gold three simple and temperamental tones with each other, and injected into the patent leather material to enhance the sense of luxury, the inner and outer sides of the shoe are presented in two different dress up posture, handsome extraordinary!

Air Jordan 1

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