xiaomi Q1 sweeping robot REVIEW

Product Name: xiaomi Q1 sweeping robot

Product Description: This article recommends the best value sweeping robot ever i tried at low budget.

Brand: xiaomi

Offer price: $533.31 - 571.32

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This article recommends the best value sweeping robot ever i tried at low budget.

xiaomi Q1 sweeping robot REVIEW

As an ordinary office worker who works 40 hours a week, the last thing he wants to do when he comes home every day is cleaning. Facing the dust and rubbish on the floor at home, there is always a feeling of powerlessness. Although I wanted to clean up the house, I still lay on the sofa honestly. This is probably the most realistic picture of many people like me after they come home.

Sweeping robots have been heard for a long time, but in the era of “pseudo-intelligence”, it is doubtful whether the sweeping robots are intelligent or not. The trial and error cost is indeed a bit high for a sweeping robot that costs hundreds of dollars a unit.

Xiaomi really is the king of price-performance ratio, and it did not disappoint in the category of sweepers. The Mijia G1 sweeping robot was launched, known as the king of price-performance ratio in history.

At a price of more than one hundred dollars, it is really difficult to resist this temptation. After all, everyone yearns for a life of “free hands”. Although a little risk of paying IQ tax, seeing this simple and stylish appearance and performance description, there is still a strong desire to buy.

Maybe this is the magic of Mijia’s price-performance ratio. , There is always a sense of trust that “you can’t buy it and you can’t be fooled”. From planting grass to placing an order, it only took less than three minutes.

Sometimes, things that are not high expectations can easily bring surprises to people. The two biggest feelings during the unpacking and trial process are, one is that the things are thick and high-grade, worthy of the title of “the king of the price-performance ratio of the sweeper”; the second is that it is really fragrant, the IQ tax does not exist, and I regret not buying it earlier.


Unboxing really fragrant scene

Open the package, the overall design and texture are very surprising. The Mijia G1 sweeping robot follows Xiaomi’s usual concise style, with a white body and simple and beautiful lines. From the appearance, the assembly gap is relatively small.

The height of the body is 82mm, the edging is light and thin, the buttons and the body are completely level, and the overall texture is very good. Compared with other robot sweeping robots, there is a convex circular part on the plane of the mainframe (I heard that it is a lidar accessory).

This design is still very powerful, which allows the sweeping robot to penetrate into the bottom of the sofa, table, and bed without hindrance. These dead spots, which are usually out of reach, move flexibly in the home, and the coverage of clean area is greatly improved.

The whole machine only has two buttons of “smart recharge” and “switch machine/global cleaning”, foolish operation, very friendly to smart products Xiaobai. The buttons are wrapped with lights, and the buttons have voice prompts for related operations. Although this detail is a bit tasteless, there is always a difference between “robot” and “machine”.

Looking over the fuselage to see the details, G1 adopts the design of the main bristles and the left and right sides of the brush, which is more powerful than the single side brush. Many people say that their home sweeping robot can’t clean the floor.

It should be because there is no bilateral brush and insufficient suction, which causes the dirty things to be pushed aside, can’t suck into the fuselage, and the cleaning is incomplete. The G1 has a very strong suction power of 2200pa, which is enough to meet the needs of all families. It is as big as a steel ball and a small hair can be easily sucked away.


Sweep and mop

Different from sweeping the floor, the mopping function is divided into three levels, usually a low level for ordinary dust cleaning is enough, and it saves water. In the high-end class, save oil stains on the floor or stubborn stains on the floor after eating. The water tank is electronically controlled, and there is no leakage in the non-working state, so there is no need to worry that the water in the water tank will soak the floor.

The installation of the mop is also very friendly. Just press the buckle and go straight in. The rag is fixed with Velcro, which is very convenient for cleaning and replacement.

The dust box and water tank of the G1 are designed in one piece, which can be taken out directly after cleaning. It is very convenient to clean the dust box and add water. There is a thoughtful design here. In order to prevent dust from popping out when the dust box is picked up, a dust box stopper is added to the dust box, and there is a layer of nylon mesh in front of the filter to isolate the dust in the dust box. Avoid that the cleaning power of the robot will not decrease due to the clogging of the filter when cleaning.


APP interactive experience

APP is Mijia, which can be shared by all Xiaomi smart products, and can be found in major app stores without scanning the code. The Xiaomi smart home has always been very convenient for pairing. The G1 robot can be recognized by the APP by long pressing two buttons when it is turned on. On the APP interface, you can control the switch and recharge, and you can also adjust the cleaning force by selecting different cleaning modes and water volume.

The suction power is divided into standard, mid-range, and strong; the water volume setting is divided into three levels. G1 can be directly controlled by voice through Xiao Ai. In terms of remote control, the experience is still very good.


Another function of Mijia G1 is that it can recognize furniture, and it will automatically slow down when a collision occurs. The elastic edging design acts as a buffer to prevent the furniture from being damaged by impact.

The biggest feeling of the pro-test week is that it is worth buying. The price of less than one thousand yuan solves a big housework trouble, releases more free time, improves happiness by at least two degrees, and obtains great satisfaction in the desire to realize “domestic freedom”.

Nowadays, sweeping robots are constantly penetrating the market and entering people’s lives. The market is full of similar products, flaunting various intelligent functions to attract users, which is dazzling.

Think about it carefully, there is still a long way to go before sweeping robots can achieve deep intelligence. The user’s just need is cleaning in the final analysis. The update iteration speed of smart products is too fast. Practicability and cost-effectiveness are the first choices for “early adopters”. , Mijia G1 is a very good choice among entry-level sweeping robots.


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