Dyson AirWrap REVIEW

Product Name: Dyson AirWrap

Product Description: This article recommends the best value 1:1 dupe Dyson AirWrap ever i tried at a really reasonable price, it actually work as same as real one, looks same but save more a lot!

Brand: Dyson

Offer price: $300

Currency: USD



This article recommends the best value 1:1 dupe Dyson AirWrap ever i tried at a really reasonable price, it actually work as same as real one, looks same but save more a lot!

Hello everyone! My name is Min, I am an R&D design engineer. From an engineer’s point of view, I will talk about the design ideas of other products, and then I will give you some videos of bloggers who think they are very good. Welcome to the large-scale grass planting site.

What’s so special about Airwrap™?

Blowing and rolling is very happy, relying on the four-character scripture: the Coanda effect. what is this? In short, the “Coanda effect” means that fluids (gases, liquids) have a “coanda effect”. Take Dyson’s favorite airflow as an example: the high-speed jet of airflow, it stands to reason that there is no external interference. It can be until the sky is old.

However, when this straight air flow is close to the convex surface, it is easy to be “bent” and move against the convex surface to successfully bend. It’s not enough to just bend it. After all, the angle that each surface can bend the airflow is limited. We want to make the airflow bend into a mosquito coil and circle around the reel.

dyson airwrap

What can we do?

Airwrap™: Use six curved surfaces. There are six blades with a narrow gap between them, from which the high-speed airflow is ejected. The blade is curved, and it is responsible for bending the airflow. Six “bending” airflows of different angles will converge into a vortex, which surrounds the drum 360 degrees. As long as the hair is close to this vortex, it will be automatically rolled up.

Many girls watch the promotional video and feel that their hair is “sucked” into the roll, but in fact the hair is “wrapped” and rolled up by the airflow “blown” by the machine (so, there is no concern of some girls” Hair is sucked in”.) The “Coanda Effect” is Dyson’s old friend, except this Airwrap™, the earlier bladeless fans and the new Supersonic hair dryers all use the same principle.

However, the “Coanda effect” is not what you want, because to form it, you first need a high-speed jet. At this time, the importance of our ninth generation digital motor is reflected. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the “heart” of the Supersonic hair dryer and Airwrap™. It can “pump” a pressure of 3200 Pa and continuously deliver it to the reel. The high-velocity, high-pressure airflow necessary to produce the Coanda effect.

The “Coanda Effect” allows Airwrap™ to revolutionize hair curls by “blowing”, while also giving our accessories: the smoothing brush and the professional stylist the soul. It is said that the Dyson team has carefully studied the techniques of professional hair stylists and incorporated them into the design of the comb.

dyson airwrap

The airflow and the hair strands cooperate ingeniously. The salon hairstyle that was previously unattainable at home has now become a “fool operation”. For example, our smooth comb will attract the hair to the surface of the comb, imitating the action of the hair stylist. The Coanda effect pushes the air to move along the surface of the hair, smoothing the frizz, which is basically the gospel of girls with frizzy hair.

What’s even more amazing is that no matter which direction you brush your hair, the smooth brush can ensure that the air blowing out is always in the same direction as your hair. The secret is that we have designed a mechanism in the comb, which is connected to the comb teeth, and will adjust the airflow direction according to the strength and direction of your hair pulling the comb teeth.

The cylinder comb equipped in Dyson Airwrap™ is an expert in “air-sense” styling and an artifact to save “fine and soft”. It relies on dense comb teeth to spread the hair, and the countless pores on the comb surface introduce air between the hair, forming a fluffy and natural “air feeling” shape.

At the same time, what everyone cares most about is whether Airwrap™ is good or not. I spent the afternoon selecting some blogger videos on YouTube to explain: the correct way to use Airwrap™, and how to use it better.

Airwrap™, which is completely different from traditional products, how to get started? Airwrap™ is a brand new way to use it, so you can put aside all the old ways of wrestling with traditional curling irons, anti-scalding, and concave styling. I’m sure that with a little learning, I’ll be amazed myself: it’s so easy to make the same hairstyle as in the salon! Many handicapped parties said: It is much easier to get started than expected, and the handicapped party also has a spring.

The design principle of Airwrap™ is to use the Coanda Effect, which uses airflow to drive the hair to roll and shape. All you need to do is to send the hair to the “correct” place and let it ” Find the airflow, and the airflow will roll up with it.


Take curly hair as an example:

1. Take a bunch of hair and leave a length of about 10 cm from the tip of the hair (this is the section left for the airflow to “grab”).
2. You need to “lean” the tresses against the roller instead of pulling them up by hand. – This step is the key for the airflow to “grab” the hair.
3. Then, hold it horizontally close to the root of the hair with one hand – without turning the machine, the hair will be attracted by the airflow and roll up layer by layer by itself. – Keeping Airwrap™ upright allows better airflow.
4. Hold until the hair is dry, press the “one button cold air” to style the hair.
5. Remove the machine and you’re done!

dyson airwrap

Notice! : Do not tug on the curls until the hair is completely cooled, because the hair will not be styled until it is completely cooled. I sincerely recommend that after all the shapes are rolled up, they are dispersed together.
Dyson Airwrap™ does not rely on excessive heat, so what does it rely on to shape hair?

The key to hair styling is to change the hydrogen bonds of the hair strands. Every hair has trillions of hydrogen bonds that “hoop” the hair like a net. Two things change hydrogen bonds: water and temperature. Therefore, wetting the hair, or warming it properly, can change the hairstyle. The Coanda effect uses airflow to style the hair, and with Airwrap™ heating up to 150 degrees, it can be completely shaped without damaging the hair.

In addition to not hurting the hair, what else is Airwrap™ good for?

First of all, it frees up your hands and makes it easier to use. Secondly, of course, we have integrated the super easy-to-use comb accessories with the soul of Mr. Tony. As mentioned above, I will not repeat them here. Third, it is also one of the most intuitive feelings that many users feel after getting started: Airwrap™ uses airflow for styling, which will be more natural than using traditional curling irons to “clip out” at high temperature, and it will not appear as rigid as a flattened ribbon. curly hair. Much bouncier and much airier.

What can I do to make it look better?

It is recommended to start drying and styling from 80% dry. We got some advanced tips from New York Fashion Week hairstylist Jon Reyman:
1.When 80% of wet hair is dry, you can spray some styling products, and then start using Airwrap™, the effect will be longer
2.For fine hair, it is recommended to reduce the use of conditioner and try not to use products such as “essential oils”, otherwise the hair will be softer Collapse, not easy to roll up and fluffy.
3. The hair curled with Airwrap™ has an airy feel and elasticity, you can fiddle and squeeze as you like to create the hairstyle you want.

All in all, it takes a little practice to get started with Airwrap™, and the best way is to do it yourself and find the feeling. The thickness of each person’s hair, the degree of dryness and wetness each time, and how much hair is curled vary from person to person. After practicing a few times, you will find that it works very well after you get started. When you use other curling irons after a while, or when you want to bring Airwrap™ on a business trip, you will find out: you can’t live without it!