Product Description: Considering the Beats Studio Buds' superb recognition and appearance, as well as its decent sound quality, the Beats Studio Buds is a TWS headset worth buying.

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Considering the Beats Studio Buds’ superb recognition and appearance, as well as its decent sound quality, the Beats Studio Buds is a TWS headset worth buying.

Time flies, Beats actually do Buds class TWS headphones.



Objective test session
Frequency Response Curve


Beats Studio Buds Frequency Response Curve
This test results in some attenuation in the ultra-low, probably because there is leakage during the test. However, I have tested many times with similar results. I used the default earcups without replacement. And I actually wear them and think there is indeed leakage in the low frequencies. So I’ll use this actual test curve here. Here you can mention two more things by the way. One is that although the body cavity and ear contact part of the headphones look very similar to Apple AirPods Pro, but in fact the wearing experience is different. Personally, I think Beats headphones are not as comfortable to wear as Apple headphones, slightly up and support the feeling of the ear, but only slightly.


Beats Studio Buds THD Curve Moderate Performance

Second, regarding the leak itself, it’s not really hard to judge. But it became an excuse for the manufacturer and its feed of KOL media to justify and distort the facts when I reviewed several headphones some time ago. In particular, some of the review media do not have any acoustic experience and listening experience but shamelessly instead as a starting point to incite distorted speech. Obviously just read the script, but pretend to be the same as the real thing. In fact, if the low frequency is not obvious attenuation, THD is not obvious abnormal, the actual listening to the low frequency is not relatively less, then usually indicate that there is no obvious leakage. And if there is already attenuation of low frequencies, it means that there may be leakage during the test, the actual maximum possible existence. This matter I will answer again in detail with a different perspective some time later.

This headset if 200 to 300Hz as the reference, 3kHz is about 18dB more, which will be mentioned in detail later in the subjective evaluation.

Noise reduction performance test


Blue is background noise, red is Beats Studio Buds noise reduction mode residual noise

Performance can be said to be moderate, about 100Hz can be about 35dB noise reduction, the overall 50 to 250Hz part is about 25dB. Or the overall noise reduction level in general, the low and medium frequencies are not too pull down, but the overall level is not as good as Apple AirPods Pro and Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones Pro and other headphones with better noise reduction performance.

However, Beats Studio Buds, the headphones have a relatively good control of the bottom noise, which is Apple’s level.

Latency test


AAC mode For reference only

Subjective evaluation session

The first thing I want to say is that this is really a very un-beats headset because it doesn’t have a lot of low frequencies overall. In addition to the ultra-low frequency is indeed still more than some. The overall low frequency is even somewhat relatively balanced. This is on the one hand the actual wearing leakage factor, on the other hand, because the amount of high frequency of this headset is also more.

In fact Beats this headset 3kHz is really on the high side. Beats headphones with high frequencies can be called Beats? The overall vocals and instruments are on the bright side. The human voice will have some prominence in the high frequencies. But the prominence is not too much, but still within a certain range. I can say that the tuning of this headset is a little bit of both ends of the feeling, but more restrained. Like the old Beats once under the parental apples to watch the homework made, rather than let it fly (I’m just a metaphor). But the ultra-low bias will still lead to some music sounding ultra-low some dragging.

In addition, the clarity and high frequency extension of this headset can be. Will not appear high frequency hazy, fuzzy sound, high frequency dark, lack of clarity and so on.

Beats Studio Buds is really a kind of neutered version of Apple AirPods Pro. noise cancellation cut a knife, the sound more tone, more high frequency and ultra-low. And then neutered some features. Can’t help but say that this time Cook can be described as a masterful knife. The price of $150, if measured from the perspective of pure headphones, is certainly not super cost-effective in the recent years of this TWS headphone competition, but definitely not an IQ tax. Not pulling down like the Beats Flex. Or Beats Studio Buds is a TWS headset you can buy.

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