Galaxy Buds Pro Review

Finally got the Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth headset dupe. It feels worthwhile to start. The texture is warm and delicate, and the color saturation and purity are also very full. I can only say that this Galaxy Buds Pro dupe is what I want.

Galaxy Buds Pro

Although it is a dupe, it is almost the same as the original product. Let’s first look at the appearance design. In recent years, the Samsung Buds series of headphones have always changed and changed in appearance design. From the “waist-shaped” Buds Live to the current Buds Pro, the wearing experience is indeed getting better and better year by year. , But I always feel that “it will change again next year.”
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But there is one thing to say, this Galaxy Buds Pro dupe is still very comfortable in terms of wearing experience, showing the overall shape of a droplet cone shape. The silicone plug of the earphone can go deep into the ear canal, and the outer earphone cavity can fill the cochlea part and be fixed with the help of the part deep into the ear canal. In this way, it will not fall off during sports wear.
After wearing it for a long time, the pressure of this Galaxy Buds Pro dupe on the position of the ear bone is also significantly weaker than that of AirPods Pro. This is also determined by the design of the two headphones. However, the volume of the corresponding Buds Pro dupe cavity part will appear abrupt to some female users with small ears.

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In the details, the microphone grid on the outside of the headset can reduce the external wind noise. In actual tests, the Galaxy Buds Pro dupe’s wind noise coefficient is indeed smaller than that of the AirPods Pro dupe when the wind is outdoors, and the sense of purity of listening is better.
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Let’s take a look at the earphone box of Galaxy Buds Pro dupe. This year’s earphone box adopts a square design style. The size and structure are very similar to the macron cakes that girls like. They don’t have to be held in your hand or carried with you every day. Any sense of cumbersomeness, this is worthy of praise.


It is worth mentioning that the violet color of Galaxy Buds Pro dupe. Under the frosted texture of the plastic, the violet color shows a very elegant temperament, which forms a clear contrast with the current black and white color of TWS headphones. Definitely can reap the favor of a large number of female users.
However, the Galaxy Buds Pro dupe earphone box also has its shortcomings. On the one hand, the two earphones are too similar to distinguish between the left and right, and they are often placed in the wrong position, causing the earphones to fail to cover the box. On the other hand, the magnetic attraction inside the earphone box is weak. The earphones may fall off if you shake them. This requires extra care when removing/replacement of the earphones daily.
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In terms of functions, Galaxy Buds Pro dupe is mainly designed around more user-friendly daily use. For example, we can see in the Galaxy Wearable App that it is divided into two design directions: “active noise reduction” and “ambient sound”. There will be more detailed adjustments after selecting the corresponding mode.

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