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Product Description: This article comprehensively compares the differences between Airpods Max and Beats Solo3 Wireless in terms of appearance, comfort, sound quality, battery life and price.

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This article comprehensively compares the differences between Airpods Max and Beats Solo3 Wireless in terms of appearance, comfort, sound quality, battery life and price.

Today let’s compare AirPods Max and Beats Solo3 Wireless these two headphones! See which one is your favorite!

Appearance and Comfort

The design of AirPods Max is quite novel, and even I think the biggest selling point of AirPods Max is actually the design. Going against the typical design of traditional headphones, it feels a little uncomfortable at first glance, but on closer inspection, it seems to be just right. The stainless steel frame and aluminum oxide metal earmuffs make AirPods Max full of texture! The dome mesh and mesh knitted ear pads on the top headband of AirPods Max are soft and comfortable! Hard and soft, taking into account texture and comfort. The breathable woven dome mesh on the headband can distribute the weight and reduce the pressure on the head, which is a consideration for comfort. The AirPods Max stainless steel headband frame not only ensures toughness, flexibility and comfort, but also adapts to various head shapes and brings a strong texture.

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The comfort of the Beats Solo3 Wireless is really nothing to brag about. This Beats Solo3 Wireless can make you forced to take it off every half an hour, because after this time period, the top of the head and both ears will feel the pressure, as if the head is not wearing headphones, but a slightly loose large “clip” “.
Through my personal test and experience, the surrounding temperature is used as a reference. If the weather temperature exceeds 30℃, it is recommended not to wear Beats Solo3 Wireless when going out. If you wear it to go out, you will find that it not only squeezes the head, but also sultry. Especially in the case of direct sunlight, it is enough to wear earmuffs in summer and sweat profusely. In terms of comfort alone, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is a low choice.

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Sound Quality

This time AirPods Max’s posture is to die for sound quality. From the custom acoustic design, two Apple H1 chips and computational audio technology, plus adaptive equalization, active noise reduction, transparency mode and spatial audio, the listening experience has improved considerably.
Adaptive equalization: Monitor the sound signal received by the user to adjust the low and medium frequencies in real time, and also adjust the sound according to the fit and sealing of the ear pads to optimize the listening experience.
Active Noise Cancellation: Each earcup of the AirPods Max is equipped with three outward-facing microphones to detect ambient noise, and a microphone inside the earcup monitors sound reaching the ear. That is, the headset will collect various sounds in real time, and then optimize the audio output in real time through computational audio technology.
Transparency mode: The user can hear both the music and the sound of the external environment.
Spatial Audio: AirPods Max dynamically tracks the head for an immersive theater experience. Even if you move your head at will, the sound still feels like it comes from the playback device, with a strong orientation.

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The bass of the Beats Solo3 Wireless is excellent, and the sound is not too loud. You can also play in the high-pitched voice, listen to hip-hop, rock, folk or whatever. Beats Solo3 Wireless has no sound coloring and high fidelity. It is suitable for rock SOLO and suitable for rock and rap. If you use it to listen to light music, it is not recommended. If you use it for recording, dubbing, and dj DJing, you are the right choice. .

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Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the AirPods Max can still last up to 20 hours even after active noise reduction and spatial audio are enabled. When used with a smart earphone case, it can directly enter the ultra-low power consumption mode when not in use, further ensuring battery life.

Officials say that Beats Solo3 Wireless supports 40 hours of playback, but I didn’t actually measure it, but basically I haven’t charged it for a week. I listen to it for 2 hours a day, and the battery remains more than 50%.


AirPods Max $549.
Beats Solo3 Wireless $199.95

So which headphone do you prefer?

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